Leading the Future

The Foresight Center is a Big Idea Think Tank and Learning Center dedicated to equipping high-potential business and healthcare professionals with leadership expertise to create a brighter future. We are a professional services corporation dedicated to designing business breakthrough strategies to help our clients lead the future of their industry.

Our cutting-edge approach includes a triadic framework incorporating Strategic Foresight, Leadership and Coaching to nearly everything we do. Consequently, our innovative programs and services equip entrepreneurs, businesses, and healthcare organizations with unique resources and skills to leverage innovative technologies to achieve unparalleled success.

What is the Foresight Center?

The mission of the Foresight Center is to play a critical role in positively transforming the future. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we combine the essential business acumen of Strategic Foresight, Innovative Leadership, and Board Certified Coaching to prepare organizations across the U.S. and abroad for a brighter future.

The Foresight Center’s leadership team is driven by accountability for excellence, which is fostered through helping our clients and partners exceed their own expectations. Every employee of the Foresight Center provides this leadership through helping clients recognize their challenges while also providing results-focused innovative and sustainable solutions. At the Foresight Center, our leadership development strategy recognizes each journey is unique while at the same time maintains a focus of helping each peer and client realize their fullest potential.

We value diversity and the richness of our backgrounds in the academic, healthcare, coaching, foresight, corporate, and international arenas This gives the Foresight Center the range of expertise required to develop solutions to address our clients’ most complex challenges. Our people bring intellectual curiosity to each challenge and opportunity fueled by an intrinsic passion to achieve sustainable world-shaping solutions.

We believe Strategic Foresight is the missing link in much of the organizational planning currently underway. By fusing Strategic Foresight into the strategy formation process, stakeholders gain the capacity to systematically leverage today’s decisions based on future trends and business trajectories. Much of the value of Strategic Foresight lies in the process of learning together to build shared insights and collaborative relationships. Using strategic intelligence tools to anticipate alternative futures, Strategic Foresight methods help us deal with complexity and broaden our perspectives by examining how possible future developments are systemically linked. This knowledge enriches our decision‑making to create, or at least shape, a better and more sustainable future.

The Foresight Center’s commitment is simple– we deliver on our promises. We put people and relationships first over all other variables. Consequently, we maintain long-term relationships with our clients and often go on to form strategic alliances to advance our shared goals.