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Coaching is rapidly gaining momentum as a highly effective business tool and is turning away from the early days of being used primarily for corrective action interventions. Today, forward-thinking individuals and organizations consider coaching an essential part of the business milieu and are leveraging a wide range of coaching practices as a means to build high-potential professionals and senior executives.

Our approach involves proven coaching methodologies designed to help our clients achieve peak performance. This applied coaching approach creates an outcome-based framework to improve return on investment (ROI) while achieving long-term, sustainable results.

Coaching Programs & Services

We offer a wide range of professional coaching services for individuals and organizations, including individual and group coaching, coach training, coaching curriculum design, and certification programs.


Personal & Professional Coaching Services

Business / Executive / Life / Career Coaching Packages

Individual and Group Programs


Personal, Professional & Leadership Inventories

Self-Discovery & Feedback Instruments

360-Degree, LPI, MBTI, EQ-i, etc.

Coach Training

Coaching & Business Skill Development

Professional Development

Continuing Education & Certification Programs


Curriculum Design for Coach Training

Curriculum Design & Evaluation

Coaching Program Analysis, Development, and Implementation

Exceptionally Qualified Coaches

In the ocean of people calling themselves coaches, the coach’s credentials, including their area of expertise, education, and proven business experience help to separate the qualified coaches from those diluting the profession.

The Foresight Center Coaching Leadership Institute offers a coaching team with a proven track record of transforming the lives of individuals and teams for world-shaping business and healthcare organizations. Our coaches and faculty have earned the highest business, education, and coaching credentials, including:

      • An average of 20 years experience as business and industry leaders

      • Serving in senior level executive positions for cutting edge organizations

      • Ten or more years experience as a Certified Professional Coach

      • Graduate level educations with Doctorate Degrees in Strategic Leadership, Coaching, and/or Foresight

      • Serving as University Professors teaching Coaching and Leadership at the Doctorate and Master levels

      • An impressive range of Professional Coaching and Business Certifications

Coaching Credentials

Important Findings About the Coaching Industry

Coaching CEO’s

An Executive Coaching Survey found that most CEO’s find value in receiving coaching and leadership advice.

The top 3 areas CEO’s seek help from coaches are:

  • Delegation Skills
  • Conflict Management Skills
  • Mentoring Skills